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HouseboatsEnjoy the Life on Waters of Kashmir.

Kashmir Houseboats

Lakes of KashmirDal Lake, Nigin Lake, Manasbal Lake

The Houseboats of Kashmir , unlike their counterparts in Kerala are usually moored at the edges of the Dal lake. Some of the houseboats were built in the early 1900s, and are still being rented out to tourists. These houseboats are made of wood, and usually have intricately and carved wood paneling. The houseboats are of different sizes, some having up to three bedrooms apart from a living room and kitchen. Our floating palaces offer Houseboat vacations and Tailor made vacations in Kashmir and are easily affordable for your stay. On this web tour you will find Luxury Houseboats , Deluxe Houseboats and Standard

These enchanting residences range from 60 to 150 ft. long, are 15 to 20 ft. wide and each is unique. There are spacious four-bedroom boats and cozy two-bedrooms; all feature attached bathrooms, Houseboat livingroom, click for video tour Tea time at the porch electricity and modern plumbing. The cedar interiors are intricately carved and display the consummate artistry of Kashmiri craftsmen.

Every houseboat has a spacious carpeted sitting room, a dining room and bedrooms with western bathrooms attached. Each houseboat has a houseboy who is available to serve meals, make the beds, clean the rooms and provide complimentary tea at any time.

The furnishings include embroidered native rugs and fabrics, local objects d'art, and solidly comfortable Victorian and Edwardian furniture. These luxurious boats also feature rooftop sundecks from which to take in the Himalayan views and enjoy the brisk fresh air.

Houseboats on Dal LakeJewel in the crown of Kashmir

The Dal Lake covers an area of 18 square kilometres and is part of a natural wetland which covers 21.1 square kilometres, including its floating gardens. The floating gardens blossom with lotus flowers during July and August.

The shore line of the lake, about 15.5 kilometres, is encompassed by a boulevard lined with Mughal Gardens, parks, houseboats and hotels.

Scenic views of the lake can be witnessed from the shore line Mughal gardens, such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir) and from houseboats cruising along the lake in the colourful shikaras.

During the winter season, the temperature sometimes reaches -11 C (12 F), freezing the lake.

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Houseboats on Nigin LakeThe serene lake away from city buzz and hustle

Nagin Lake, though sometimes referred to as a separate lake, is actually part of Dal Lake, being linked through a causeway which permits only bikers and walkers to enter the lake precincts.

The caseway carries the water supply pipeline to the Srinagar city in the east. The lake is bounded by the Shankaracharya hill (Takht-e-Suleiman) on the south and Hari Parbat on the west and is located at the foot of the Zabarwan hills. Willow and poplar trees flank the edges of the lake.

Foreign tourist first choice are Nagin Lake houseboats as atmosphere is quite and peaceful as compared to Dal Lake Houseboats

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Houseboats in making Everything about the houseboats

A houseboat is on an average 70 feet long boats with 15 feet width in the central section. They are made from wooden planks that are stitched together by coconut ropes. Interestingly, nails are not used at all in the construction of the Houseboats. Most of the houseboats are made from a wood known by the name of Anjili. Palm leaves tied over bamboo poles form the roof of these houseboats. Cashew Nut oil is used as a varnish to ensure a protection for the houseboats.

Sun Deck, Terrace

The terrace is one of its best features and serves as a sun-deck, a place for morning work-outs if one is given to that practice, and for evening cocktails. 

Kitchen, Dining

The kitchen-boat is attached to the main houseboat and this is where the boat-keeper resides with his family. He is ever-obliging host, and hospitality and warmth is his hallmark.

The dining-room and adjoining pantry are equipped with refrigerator and all other facilities to ensure your gastronomic satisfaction. Bedrooms are generally in a row along the passage..

Drawing Room

The drawing-room of the houseboat opulent yet tastefully decorated, seems like a leaf out of 'Better Homes and Gardens'. The Kashmir carpets cover the floor, the exquisite woodwork paneling on the wall and the rich upholstery all make it seem like a room in a royal palace.